Issue 44

The Nightcap | Issue 44 | July 1, 2021

How Unregulated Cannabis Is Threatening West Coast Wine Growers

Wine versus weed: resource competition could threaten tourism in wine country.  //  SevenFiftyDaily

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You Can Soak In Hops And Barley At Denver’s New Beer Spa

Pour yourself a local brew before slinking into a bubbling, herb-infused tub of hops and barley for a one-of-a-kind sudsy soak.  //  Forbes


7 Refreshing Cocktails to Drink This Summer—and How to Make Them

The perfect boozy drinks to help you beat the heat.  //  Robb Report

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What We’re Sippin’ On: Caposaldo Prosecco

Caposaldo blends a handcrafted, artisanal approach to winemaking with cutting-edge quality standards and techniques.  //  Learn More


A Sommelier Shares Her Most Harrowing Wine Stories

What happens when a simple bottle of wine becomes an explosive device.  //  Pix


Product We Love: Flat Bottom Wine Glass

Each made from lead free ultra-clarity crystal and hand blown by artisans using traditional methods!  //  Shop Now


PBR Actually Made a 1,776-Pack of Beer

If you can’t get your hands on one, the 99-pack is back this summer.  //  Food & Wine


Passengers Bringing Their Own Alcohol Is a Big Problem

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker admits that the company’s policy of not selling alcohol on board contributed to the problem.  //  Travel Pulse


Product We Love: Giant Yard Pong

It’s beer pong — but bigger! Bring the party to your next backyard BBQ, camping trip or tailgate.  //  Shop Now

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